About gnuGrid CRB

Who We Are & What We Do

gnuGrid CRB Limited is the first and only indigenous credit reference bureau in Uganda. Incorporated and registered in 2019 as a limited liability company, it was licensed in November 2021 by the Bank of Uganda as the first-ever indigenous Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) in Uganda.

We collect credit and transactional data on individual and non-individual borrowers, validate and organise it into meaningful profiles that are disseminated in the form of credit reports and credit scores to enable credit services providers to make informed lending decisions.

Our Mission

To facilitate an Inclusive Financial Ecosystem that Fosters Accessibility to Credit Reference Services for the Last Mile Population Based on Reliable and Quantitative Data.

Our Vision

To Enable Financial Inclusion through credit information sharing.

Our Leadership

gnuGrid CRB’s Executive Committee provides the overall company’s direction and acts on behalf of the Board of Directors. They are responsible for overseeing the daily implementation of Board policies and the CRB’s strategic direction.

Board of Directors

Alexis Chaves

Co-Founder & Board Chairperson

David Opio Obwangamoi

Executive Director

Geraldine Gloria Kyazze

Non-Executive Director

Juliet Nabukeera

Non-Executive Director

John Mark Muwangala

Non-Executive Director

Management Team

Sumayyah N. Sengendo

Managing Director

Maria Natukunda

Chief Operating Officer

Najja N. Sendege

Chief Technology Officer

Justus Arineitwe

Chief Finance Officer

Musa Kisiriko

Head of Business Development

Ochieng Innocent

Head of Legal & Compliance

Arnold Tumwa

Head of Sales & Marketing

Mercy Lakisa

Disputes Manager

Lionel Kabenge

Head of Projects

Patricia Kamalha

Head of Procurement